The work of preschool comes at perhaps the most critical period for the social and emotional development of your child.


From the ages of 2.9-5, children are developing rapidly into capable individuals ready to establish their independence and actively engage with the world. The attitudes, values and the important skills learned in their preschool years will be essential to them throughout their lives. These skills will serve them well as they navigate new opportunities and inevitable challenges in the years ahead.

At MECEC we dedicate ourselves to this most critical work of the preschool years when our children are actively learning to

  • establish independence and self help skills

  • examine, evaluate and understand the effects of one's own behavior

  • regulate self control

  • take risks, try new things and be flexible

  • persevere when the going gets tough

  • ask for help when needed

  • speak one's mind honestly and truthfully

  • talk about feelings and develop coping skills

  • avoid frustration and be safe by planning ahead

  • respect others work and possessions

  • prepare for different social situations

  • prepare for new experiences

This is also the time when children are learning about their first friendships and what it means to be a good friend. They are learning to

  • show their friends respect and care by being polite, kind and courteous

  • be a good sport by taking turns and playing fair

  • share toys, ideas and time

  • listen well, be honest and truthful

  • be a peaceful problem solver by learning how to calm down, talk about problems and settle on solutions that take care of everyone

  • join in and make new friends

  • expect and ask for respectful behavior from friends

  • feel safe and strong with new friends

  • respect differences, be inclusive and appreciate others

  • be generous and considerate

  • recognize and be thankful when others are being a good friend to them in these ways

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