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MECEC is committed to helping children develop a love of learning. Children graduating from MECEC are confident learners and have strong and affirming friendships with peers. They have developed the emotional and cognitive tools that will serve them well in their learning years to come.

MECEC provides services to the entire Millbrook community with special initiatives that reach out to families facing financial hardship who might otherwise not be able to afford a quality preschool education for their children. Your donation will make it possible for these children to receive that education, an education that will make an enormous difference in their lives.

MECEC supports children who might need early intervention services from the county by encouraging screenings when needed and opening the classrooms to early intervention therapists.

MECEC serves the needs of working families by providing half and full day, quality care at an affordable price. We offer a warm, developmentally appropriate, well supervised afternoon program that provides continuity and comfort for children whose parents are both working.

We want to express our enormous gratitude to you for making it possible for us to provide these invaluable services to the children and families of Millbrook and the surrounding communities.

MECEC is proudly supported by grants through the following foundations: Northeast Dutchess Fund - Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, the Jeannette Schlobach Fund - Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and Foundations for Community Health.

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The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Millbrook Early Childhood Education Center at no cost to you. 


Please select Millbrook Early Childhood Education Center on your first visit to Then bookmark that address and make all your purchases from that link. 

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