Fox Makes a Friend: Adam Relf

My Friend: Beatrice Alemagna

Little Beaver and the Echo: Amy MacDonald

Too Many Frogs: Sandy Asher

A Visitor For Bear: Bonny Becker

David's Drawing: Cathryn Falwell

Hunwick's Egg: Mem Fox

Tico and the Golden Wings: Leo Lionni

Crow: Leo Timmers

Making Friends: Fred Rogers

Circus Girl: Tomek Bogacki

The Invisible Boy: Patrice Barton

Strictly, No Elephants: Lisa Mantchev

Disappearing Desmond: Ann Alter

Big Al: Andrew Yoshi

I'm the Best: Lucy Cousin's

The Little Blue Truck: Alice Shertle​


Yoko's Show and Tell: Rosemary Wells

Big Red Lollipop: Rukhsana Khan

Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie: Laura Rankin

Kiss the Cow: Phyllis Root


Hunter's Best Friend at School: Laura Malone Elliott

Tommy Can't Stop: Tim Federle

Big and Noisy Simon: Joseph Wallace


Pinduli: Janell Cannon

Eddie the Bully: Henry Cole

Charlie the Caterpillar: Dom DeLuise

A Friend for Lakota: Jim and Jamie Dutcher

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon: Patty Lovell

Hurty Feeling: Helen Lester

Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully: Audrey Penn

Kindergators: Hand Off, Harry: Rosemary Wells

Each Kindess: Jacqueine Woodson

The Ant Bully: John Nickle


The Worrywarts: Pamela Duncan Edwards

Something Might Happen: Helen Lester

Absolutely Not: Mathew McElligott

The Black Rabbit: Philippa Leathers

Big Chickens: Leslie Helakoski

Bruce Moose and the What Ifs: Gary Oliver

Black Dog: Levi Pinford

The Dark Lemony Snicket

What Do You DO with a Problem: Kobi Yamada

Hannah and Sugar: Kate Berube

Sometimes I worry Too Much But I Know How to Stop: Dawn Huebner

Clyde Monster: Robert Crowe

Wemberly Worried: Kevin Henkes


Racial, Socio-Economic and Gender Issues

Follow The Drinking Gourd: Jeanette Winter

These Hands: Margaret Mason

Back of the Bus: Aaron Reynolds

Amazing Grace: Mary Hoffman

Stella's Starliner: Rosemary Wells

Can Man: Laura Williams

Something Beautiful: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Voices in the Park: Anthony Browne

Introducing Teddy: Jessica Walton

Be Who You Are

Jungle Drums: Graeme Base

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings: Carolyn Bailey

Bee-Wigged: CeCe Bell

The Empty Pot: Demi

Something Special: David McPhail

The Story of Ferdinand: Munro Leaf

A Porcupine Named Fluffy: Helen Lester

A Red Crayons Story: Michal Hall

Elmer: David McKee

Sassafras: Audrey Penn

Spoon: Amy Rosenthal and Scott Magoon

Hideaway Huskie: Lisa McCue

The Big Orange Splot: Daniel Pinkwater

Sneetches on Beacher: Dr.Seuss

It's Okay to be Different: Todd Parr


The Wizard, the Fairy, and the Magic Chicken: Helen Lester

Me First: Helen Lester

Ruby the Copycat: Peggy Rathman

Eddie's Kingdom: D.B. Johnson

Milo and the Magic Stones: Marcus Pfister

Holey Moley: Marcus Pfister

Abiyoyo: Pete Seeger

Jeremy Draws a Monster: Peter McCarty

The Monster Returns: Peter McCarty

The Boy Who Didn't Want to be Sad: Rob Goldblatt

Feeling Sad: Sarah Verroken

City Dog, Country Frog: Mo Willems

The Eagle and the Wren: Jane Goodall

Murgatroyd's Garden: Judy Zavos

Pumpkin Soup: Helen Cooper

The TickyTacky Doll: Cynthia Rylant

The Most Magnificent Thing: Ashley Spires


A Froggy Fable: John Lechner

Little Tree: Loren Long

The Sea Serpent and Me: Dashka Slater

Birth of Siblings/Adoption

Peter's Chair: Ezra Jack Keats

Bear With Me: Max Kornell

The New Baby: Fred Rogers

Allison: Allen Say

Our Twitchy: Kes Grey


The Goblin and the Empty Chair: Mem Fox

The Scar: Charlotte Moundlic

Rudi's Pond: Eve Bunting

Ida, Always: Caron Levis

The Tenth Good Thing about Barney: Judith Viorst

When a Pet Dies: Fred Rogers

Maggie and the Pirate: Ezra Jack Keats

Rickie and Henry: Jane Goodall


The Boy Who Grew Flowers: J.Wojtowicz

Bear in Love: Daniel Pinkwater

Emily's Art: Peter Catalanotto

14 Cows for America: Carmen Agra Deedy

Great Kapok Tree: Lynne Cherry

Koi and the Kola Nuts: Verna Aardema

Mister Rabbit and the Lovely Present: Charlotte Zolotow


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