The MECEC program provides children with all of the cognitive building blocks necessary to thrive in kindergarten and in their academic careers as a whole. In addition to preparation for the skills needed for reading and writing, MECEC has carefully constructed a curriculum which uses well proven methods for building each child's confidence, curiosity, resilience, perseverance, compassion and abstract reasoning skills (to name a few). These qualities when developed in the early years of children's lives, serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers as well as in their personal lives.

Ready for Kindergarten

Research shows that a carefully designed, developmentally appropriate program in preschools is highly correlated with a child's sustained success in primary school, high school, professional careers and throughout life.

The MECEC program provides children with all the necessary "academic" skills to be highly successful readers and writers when they reach kindergarten, but we work hard, in parallel, to develop their confidence, curiosity, social abilities and all the abstract reasoning skills that they need to maintain that success.

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