The Millbrook Early Childhood Education Center wants children to fall in love with learning. At MECEC children become active, engaged learners who take joy and satisfaction in "learning for learning's sake".

Our teachers cultivate the children's willingness to meet new challenges and to become respectful, caring friends of the school community and the world beyond.

In working with young children, we believe in the importance of play and discovery. We encourage the mastery of all the essential skills while cultivating strong and affirming friendships.

MECEC 's strong commitment to early childhood celebrates the whimsy, enthusiasm, and joy that young children bring to their play and work.


We Promote:

  • A safe environment that nourishes and attends to the needs of the whole child.

  • Strong and affirming friendships to include values of empathy, collaboration, community and appreciation for differences.

  • Respect for the necessary balance of play and work in a child's school experience.

  • Strong working relationships between the home and school.

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